How does an H-1B worker take away an American job ?

Outstanding article on Medium exposing the abuse of the H-1B visa system + how it steals jobs from Americans.

Note that the article also confirms that foreign H-1B workers are paid below the prevailing wage, which is illegal, and amounts to criminal wage-fixing.

The India Incs doing this are all engaging in criminal wage fixing inside the US + should be arrested and deported immediately.

“I am a strong opponent of companies, mainly owned and operated by Indian nationals, who abuse the H-1B visa system of the US. You can find my answers on this topic , on, en masse. Yet, some questions come many times over and they really shouldn’t take too many brain cycles to understand the reason behind them. The question on the title of this post, is one of them. I don’t understand why I keep seeing the same question in different wording, time and time again. People who are asking are usually IT workers from India, either working in the US with an H-1B visa or contemplating to do so. A Google query is not something beyond their understanding.

My belief is, they are trying to legitimize the existence of these people and take away the bad connotation, which comes with the said H-1B visa. We have seen the abuse of this system, not too long ago, in my neck of the woods, namely Southern California, from large, local companies, like Disney and Southern California Edison.

Let me explain, in gross approximation, how this works and how an H-1B worker displaces a US based employee”.

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