Elizabeth Holmes Faces 2020 Fraud Trial over Theranos Collapse – Breitbart

That’s right – Theranos – Silicon Valley’s biggest disaster in which a billion $ of US venture capital was wasted for nothing was all a con + a fraud from day one.

Holmes + her Indian Mafia fake business partner were living off the VC gravy train for years while nothing was close to being produced. It was all a scam to loot $, look good but be fake, and to deceive investors.

Silicon Valley has become something of a joke – a kindergarten these days – not like in the past when real people made real products + wowed the world.

Everyone involved deserves to go to prison.


“Federal prosecutors claim that they have compiled two million pages of evidence in the case against Elizabeth Holmes and her partner, Ramesh Balwani. Holmes’ attorney, Kevin Downey, is concerned that two million pages will be impossible for a jury to read”.

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