Wall Street Journal: Apple Design Guru Jony Ive Left Company Because of Tim Cook – Breitbart

And no doubt because the company started filling up with H-1Bs from India in huge numbers since Jobs died in 2011.

Apple, like most American companies has been turned into a globalist wealth redistribution engine. Think of it as job communism.

It’s highly unlikely Apple will continue to produce mega-hits with both Jobs + Ive gone. Cook will be ousted next, mostly likely to be replaced by an Indian Mafia CEO – just like Microsoft, Google, and Adobe were.

What a shame that America’s best company is being destroyed.


“Many noted that Ive had become increasingly frustrated as Apple’s board seats were occupied with individuals with backgrounds in business and finance, not design and technology. Despite a significant pay package, which was a point of conflict for many other executives, Ive did not appear happy at the company. Combined with his own personal issues, it’s no surprise that Ive has chosen to move on”.

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