Boeing, IISc, Wipro + HCL to develop network technology for aerospace use

Boeing sure is a glutton for punishment.

Having just been burned by HCL twice – on the 787 and 737 MAX projs, it’s now asking for more.

FAA had to ban HCL from the 787 proj, because the quality of its work was so bad it was unsafe.

Former American Boeing engineers are now under subpoena by the FAA to disclose just what damage HCL did to the 787 aircraft during their mega project disaster.

That’s how bad HCL is.

Do we really want to allow our national air transport infrastructure to fall into the hands of these faking fraud looters?

Then it was revealed by Bloomberg that Boeing outsourcing to HCL engineers for $9/hr caused the 737 MAX crashes which killed 300 people.

Now Boeing is asking for more damage by including failure shop Wipro into the mix.

This isn’t going to go over well people. Soon there may not be any reliable air transportation left on earth, thanks to the India Inc fails destroying everything they touch.

For people working so hard, they sure are busy standing around doing nothing.

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