Can Boeing Contain the Dreamliner’s Technical Glitches?

A blast from the past.

The Boeing 787 proj was nearly destroyed by HCL, a subcontractor Boeing hired to write the plane’s electrical system software.

When FAA inspected the work, it was found to be so bad FAA banned HCL from ever working on the proj again.

Boeing had to fire HCL and start over – casuing massive delivery delays of the planes. Several airlines sued Boeing over the delays.

And that doesn’t even begin to address the problems with the Rolls Royce engines on the 787, which continue to this day. Those problems were caused when Rolls Royce outsourced the engineering work to India. Rolls is taking a bath on the losses now – $500 million or more.

Singapore Airlines had to ground some of its 787’s because of the Rolls engine problems.

Not to mention the 300+ people dead from the recent 737 MAX crashes.

Sorry HCL, you can’t cover this one up. The Indian mafia did a good job covering up their failures leading to the death of Sun Microsystems, the 2002 Silicon Valley collapse, the 2008 Wall St. collapse, and the death of Lehman Bros. in that disaster.

Not to mention 71% Indian-run IBM being sued for hundreds of millions of dollars on failed state projects in PA, TX, IN, and other states.

The great Indian IT Con Deception had to unravel at some point, and now it has, thanks to Bloomberg’s courage to run the story + expose what India Incs are really doing to American companies.

Yes HCL, the 787 + 737 MAX failures were your fault.

Now man up + admit your mistakes.

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