India Inc tries to defuse their 737 MAX failures

Come on India, we know you’re responsible. According to Bloomberg and other sources the FAA is so worried about your work on the planes that they’re even issuing subpoenas to American engineers who worked on the 787 fiasco years ago, which HCL not only nearly destroyed, but which the FAA even banned HCL from ever working on again.

As usual, the Indian mafia’s claims don’t fit with facts or reality. HCL was primarily responsible for the 787 delivery delays because it was banned, which led to numerous multi-million $ lawsuits by several carriers, including ANA of Japan.

And they were primarily responsible for the 737 MAX failures, not to mention paying illegally low wages.

India sure loves to dish out defamation on American tech workers, but when they’re caught red handed failing, India can’t take the heat.

More manipulation hype out of the Indian Mafia, as usual.

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