Lobbyist Leon Fresco Says U.S. Critics Are ‘Racist’ for Opposing Stealth Transfer of Millennials’ Jobs to Indian Migrants – Breitbart

No, that would be India.

Immigration Voice‘s paid lobbyist + unregistered foreign agent Leon Fresco is pretty upset Americans don’t want to be totally overrun with unlimited green cards for Indians if the India-first HR.1044 passes.

Call your congressperson + Senators today and tell them vote no on HR.1044.

Make no mistake – Fresco is working for India.

So is UT Senator Mike Lee.

Fresco + Lee need to be investigated immediately for being paid by foreign powers but not registering as foreign agents as required by law.


“On June 27, Fresco’s plans were hit when Sen. Paul put a hold on the surprise Senate “Unanimous Consent” request made by Utah GOP Sen. Mike Lee, the chief advocate for the outsourcing plan.

Paul’s sudden opposition blocked Lee’s bill – titled S.386 — which is getting almost zero attention from the college-grad journalists in established media outlets

Many Americans say their incomes have been slashed by companies’ use of the green-card system to attract and pay much cheaper labor from India. During the last year, these professionals have organized into several groups, include the American Workers Coalitiondoctorswithoutjobs.com, ProUSworkersNo on H.R. 1044, and The Multinational Coalition Against H.R. 1044/S. 386“.

Most Indian IT shops are 100% Indian in violation of EEOC rules + US Civil Rights Act. They’re all hugely racist. American tech workers simply want their jobs back which were stolen by packs of these racist invading mauraders from the criminal thief nation of India.

Bribery is a way of life in India, and now, apparently, in our Congress too.

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