India Inc scrambles to contain Boeing PR damage

Being caught red-handed and exposed all over the US by Bloomberg for their shoddy $9/hr engineers who caused the 737 MAX 8 airplane crashes, India Inc is in total damage control mode now.

These people, who have caused fails all over the US including the 2002 dot-com bust with the destruction of once-great US companies such as Sun Microsystems – and the 2008 collapse of Wall St at Wipro’s hands which destroyed Lehman and other Wall St companies, are in a total panic now that their fails are becoming well known.

They want the bragging rights to being “brilliant engineers” and “the smartest people in the world” but when they get caught failing + are exposed for it, they sure do get upset fast.

Can’t have it both ways India. Either compete or else get out of the way.

“According to a report in late June, the software for the Boeing 737 Max was being developed at the same time Boeing was laying off engineers in an effort to slash costs. Boeing opted to outsource the software development to HCL Tech and Cyient, both based in India”.

Well, you did work on it.

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