Letter from a reader

A reader sent us this letter:

“A boy sent this from India.

I talked to him about 1hr 30 minutes.

His experiences in USA, reasons to return etc.

An h1b victim who(HERO) returned to India also a victim of these so-called h1b fraud Indians Americans especially from NJ called me from India today. He told many interesting things. one of which, Indian AP political party MPs or former MPs have arrested in the recent h1b fraud. Indian media utterly failed to cover the Indian Americans frauds in the USA. It is because Indian media has paid huge bribes to them for not to cover any of the Indians h1b frauds in the USA. Indians arrived in the past wither fake BTECH or genuine, get Green Cards(greed cards- Displaced Americans call it) get USC by naturalization doing all kinds of fraudulent things in the USA without fear, shame, values, etc. These criminals white-collar bringing shame to India, Indians in the USA. America yet to stop this crime, only one in 1 million get caught and punished 5 years jail term with $250K fine is nothing to them. Because they are minting billions in human trafficking(h1b guest house pimp business). Finally, I have asked an audio interview as I know if it is Video interview, the so-called “Chowdary” caste h1b business ring(mafia) will rape/murder the victims in India or USA also. This post has a disclaimer. The victim has to know REDDY Caste, VYSYAS caste rings also doing this in the USA”.

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