Michelle Malkin: Big Data ‘Pulling the Plug’ on Conservatives ‘Who Might Tip the Scales’ in 2020

This is what happens when you allow foreign powers such as India to take over your top tech companies.

Where is Tim O’Reiley now on open and free exchange of ideas?

Make no mistake about it – Google is under the control of the Indian gov’t.


“Our once-unfettered access to the internet space is no longer something that we can rely on,” warned Malkin. “It is alarming to me that this change has happened in a matter of ten, fifteen years. Currently, my blog is housed on WordPress, and I was just used to taking it for granted that WordPress would leave me alone to write what I want to write and publish what I want to publish. Yet now, there is an increasing trend of WordPress and other Silicon Valley overlords simply pulling the plug on longtime customers because they see them as threats who might tip the scales when it comes to the 2020 election cycle, or because they simply don’t like their point of view.”

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