House to Vote on Misnamed “Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act” (H.R. 1044)

A better solution would be to end the dishonest policy of “dual intent”

By John Miano on July 8, 2019

“Prior to 1990, there was a much clearer distinction between immigrant and non-immigrants under the law. However, when Congress enacted the Immigration Act of 1990, it made a total mess of the system. One path to chaos was to allow H-1B and L non-immigrants to apply for permanent residency.

This was rationalized with the Orwellian concept of “dual intent”, wherein a foreigner applying for a non-immigrant (i.e. temporary) visa could be considered to simultaneously intend to return home and intend to remain the U.S.

This change had a number of entirely predictable effects. First, it transformed green cards into a publicly provided fringe benefit for employers to induce aliens to become guestworkers”.

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