Stop Congress’ Attempt to Suspend the Rules on H.R. 1044

Congress is now just simply changing the rules of US lawmaking at will – inviolation of the US Constitution, and all Federal law.

This is totally illegal.

Kevin Lynn @ US Techworkers reports:

“I found out late Friday afternoon that in much the same way there was an attempt to quickly pass S. 386 by using the “Unanimous Consent” ploy, there will be an attempt by Congress to quickly pass H.R. 1044 this week without debate by using a ploy called Suspension of Rules (SOR). SOR is a procedure generally used to quickly pass “non-controversial” bills in the House. These happen a lot in the first part of a given week as Congress gets close to the end of a session.

As you can see below, Congress will attempt on Wednesday to suspend the rules on H.R. 1044, The Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act and quickly pass it”.

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