Communist Robert Reich wants to destroy big tech

Millenials won’t remember that it was Bill Clinton, his Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, and Fed head Alan Greenspan who destroyed a booming late 1990’s tech economy.

These people are just jealous loser communists who hate white males, and want to keep everyone poor.

They’re all working in concert for bankers who can’t make a profit if people pay off their loans.

Throw in foreign agent Emily Chang, who was so jealous of males in Silicon Valley, she wrote a book, Brotopia, about breaking it up,

Chang is probably an agent of the Chinese Communist Party, in When Ho Lee fashion since the Chinese cannot compete with companies such as Apple or Google.

Yeah – let’s destroy the last great American industry keeping the economy going so we can have more recessions +collapses like 2002 and 2008.

There’s no such thing as a random “business cycle” – all collapse is by design, and these are the people behind it.

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