Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act exposes Silicon Valley’s hollow diversity slogans

What is going on in Silicon Valley is totally illegal. EEOC rules + the Civil Rights Act (and Title 8) are being flagrantly violated with impunity.

Not to mention mass wage-fixing and executive collusion is going on – which is also illegal.

Wage-fixing is a federal crime.


“Silicon Valley says it loves diversity, but the industry only wants workers from one country — and it’s not America.

An estimated 71 percent of the workforce in Silicon Valley is foreign-born. The majority are Indian nationals; nearly 70 percent of those who come on H-1B visas — a favorite of Big Tech — hail from India. Additionally, many tech firms have a sizable presence in India itself.

And the reason tech giants love Indian-born workers? They tend to work for far less than American workers.

Unfortunately, Congress wants to advance Silicon Valley’s lack of diversity. The Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act would eliminate country caps on immigration and allow Indians to monopolize the share of green cards. It’s estimated that Indians would take at least 75 percent of all employment-based visas if the bill passes.

The bill’s supporters, including Utah Sen. Mike Leesaid the bill would make our immigration system more fair. But letting one or two nationalities monopolize employment visas is fair to no one“. 

The theft of a major US industry on US soil by a foreign power or powers is without precedent in US (and possibly world) history. The theft of Silicon Valley by India + China is almost beyond belief. Our most valuable tech industries + jobs are being mass looted by foreign powers. Too few Americans know what is actually going on, and our gov’t is too busy taking cash from foreign lobbies + the US Chamber of Commerce to stop it.

If Americans did this in India or China on the scale they are doing it here, their militaries would have been sent in long ago to stop it.

By some estimations as much as $10 trillion in high tech wages have been stolen from skilled American workers.

That’s almost half the national debt. And that doesn’t count industries + jobs themselves that have been stolen.

Call Congress today and tell them to stop HR.1044 now.

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