Silicon Valley Spy Case Links ZTE, PLA to Stolen US Technology

What is going on in Silicon Valley is absolutely unbelievable.

Never before in US history has one of America’s most valuable industries been mass looted right under Americans’ noses on US soil by foreign powers.

Even the Japanese onslaught of the 1980’s in which Japanese companies invaded US markets does not compare to what China + India are doing to the US in Silicon Valley.

And the Japanese onslaught was finally stopped by the US gov’t.

This isn’t.

The entire region is awash in foreign industrial spies who are here for two and only two purposes: 1) theft of our tech industries + jobs, 2) remittances – sending large amounts of US cash back to their own countries.

The scale on which this is happening is staggering.

Tens of trillions of dollars in wealth is being looted right out of Silicon Valley in the form of industrial espionage + job theft.

This has to be stopped and stopped now.

Trump was supposed to stop it by “Instituting an absolute requirement to hire American workers first, no exceptions” – but nothing has changed in Silicon Valley or US industry.

We’re being looted and the H-1B + L-1 visa programs are the prime conduits by which it’s happening.

“International scientific collaboration” is really just mass industrial theft.

Most Americans are asleep + have no idea what is going on.

Call congress and demand a stop to the mass industrial theft of our industries by foreign powers now

Tianjin University professor on trial for stealing militarily-useful wireless secrets

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