Has Stuart Anderson even read the law?

We have a little news flash for former immigration lawyer turned globalist shill, Stuart Anderson, over @ Forbes: by law the US is very restrictive on immigration.

In fact, if doing so will adversely affect American workers, it is illegal for any foreign worker to even be admitted to the US under Federal law.

Title 8, Section 1182 Inadmisible Aliens, Subsecton 5

Latest On The Court Cases That Could Restrict Immigration, OPT And H-1B Spouses


“The stakes in both cases are high. “If WashTech prevails, and OPT (Optional Practical Training for international students) is eliminated, the result would be catastrophic,” according to immigration attorney Cyrus Mehta“.

No it wouldn’t be.

Racist OPT has been a total disaster for American workers, and the US economy, now $22 trillion in debt.

We sure don’t need more foreign immigration lawyers telling us we need more job robbers whose goal is to conquer us + take over our companies.

Mr. Anderson, like Michelle Goldberg has an ulterior motive: replacing white Americans in the US economy by overwhelming them with hordes of other races from the 3rd world.

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