Kevin McCarthy, 140 GOP Reps Vote for Democrat Plan to Outsource Jobs – Breitbart

HR.1044 India-first green cards will give US companies millions more cheap foreign workers.

Harris, of course, like most of the democrat 2020 candidates is being backed by a foreign Indian lobby called USIN-PAC.

“GOP legislators (140) voted for a bill drafted by business groups and Democrats which provides a green card giveaway to 300,000 Indian contract workers and dramatically increases the incentives for more Indian graduates to take college graduate jobs in the United States.

The 365- to-65 vote means the bill moves to the Senate, where GOP Senators are pushing a matching giveaway bill which is backed by Democrat Senator and presidential hopeful, Sen. Kamala Harris. Only 57 of 197 GOP legislators — and only eight Democrats — present voted against the giveaway. 

The GOP’s House leader, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, voted for the giveaway to Indian outsourcing workers”. 

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