Walmart, Anthem, Boeing, et al: You Get What You Pay For – US Techworkers

Indeed – all that “Better, faster, cheaper” outsourced Indian labor is coming back to haunt western corporations in a huge way. For many US companies such as Lehman, and Sun Microsystems, it’s killed them outright.

Excellent analysis by Kevin Lynn over @ US Techworkers.

“Like Cognizant, an outsourcer founded by Sri Lankan Kumar Mahadeva, Genpact is publicly traded in the U.S., but both companies are rooted in India. Cognizant, for example, has 195,000 employees in India. These companies, along with India-based multinational outsourcers such as HCL, Infosys and Tata Consultancy, among others, have awell-established operating method developed over three decades that systematically displaces American workers and replaces them with Indian workers. They are part of the cabal that monopolized the H-1B visa program. From 2016 through this year, Genpact was approved for several thousand H-1Bs. And that number doesn’t account for perhaps many more visas obtained through Genpact’s many subsidiaries that we didn’t research.

There have been two Boeing 737 MAX crashes which killed 338. The model is now grounded, and Airbus is writing the big orders now, not Boeing.

Boeing is emblematic of the chickens coming home to roost, as my mother would often say when the consequences of bad behavior become evident. There are many Boeings out there, companies choosing cheap, near-term benefits of outsourcing as opposed to taking the long view of investing profits back into their going concerns and bringing everyone up by creating good middle-class opportunities for the many as opposed to obscene wealth for the few. And this pernicious trend has not been limited to corporations – state and local governments have dived in as well”.

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