Shalabh Kumar of Republican Hindu Coalition demonizes US Techworkers

Anyone who opposes the Indian Mafia is demonized, when in fact it is Indian Mafia who are the biggest organized crime syndicate in America today.

Having exposed the Indian Mafia with great successs, US Techworkers is now being targeted by, it’s mob boss founder Shalabh Kumar, an illegal unregistered foreign agent of the gov’t of India, and its other agents.

Kumar knows the jig is up + Americans are exposing rhcusa’s criminal activities, but there’s little he can do about it, other than trying to get the US gov’t to shut US Techworkers down, since US Techworkers is a perfectly legal 501(c)(3) org created under US laws. is in a total panic as US Techworkers has been conducting video interviews with displaced US workers who were illegally replaced in their jobs by illegal H-1B workers + India Inc staffing companies who violate Title 8, Section 1182 INADMISIBLE ALIENS of US law.

As has been proven many times, these workers are neither highly skilled, nor helping America since Americans are training them after they arrive on H-1B visas (which is illegal if they do not already have the skills claimed).

Kumar sure does know a lot about UT Sen. Mike Lee + Jared Kushner. Wonder how he knows so much about them?

Kumar and are engaging in visa fraud, and other RICO activities, which are crimes under US law.

Foreign powers should not be allowed to affect US immigration legislation at all. Period.

Call or write the FBI, DHS, and Dept. of Justice now and demand Kumar and be investigated for RICO activities, collusion, and violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act now.

And Sen. Rand Paul was the one who blocked HR.1044 last week in the Senate.

Kumar spends more time on Indian TV than he does in the US. He’s an unregistered foreign agent, and should be arrested immediately.

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