Sujeet Rajan sure is upset about Breitbart exposing H-1B looting of America

Sujeet Rajan, an illegal unregistered foreign agent of India, and columnist @ India News sure is upset that Breitbart is exposing the H-1B visa fraud and India Inc invasion and takeover of America.

In the following article he tried to make it look like poor Indians are so oppressed in America, all are subject to racist attacks, murder, etc.

In fact, it is the criminal H-1B illegal India Inc bodyshops which are murdering Americans in their own country.

Rajan was part of Immigration Voice’s purchase of former congressman Kevin Yoder, and getting HR 392 and HR 1044 into the US gov’t.

The next time Rajan sets foot in the US he needs to be arrested + jailed as an unregistered foreign agent immediately.

“An emphatic vote in the US House of Representatives this week to expedite Green Cards for those skilled workers who are choked in the immigration pipeline, was a moment of cautious joy for hundreds of thousands of Indian workers, and their family members”.

Hundreds of thousands of Indian workers? That’s racist + bigotted. HR.1044, the law referenced in Rajan’s article, was pushed by Immigration Voice, an illegal foreign agent PAC operating in the US.

They’re not skilled, they’re not immigrants, they’re H-1B temporary workers + Y2K visa overstayers who were only ever supposed to be in the US for Y2K and then return home. There is no “pipeline” – other than in Indians’ imagination – and the US does not owe these people anything.

Rajan + his Indian cohorts who have stolen + taken Silicon Valley from the Americans who created it seem to be under the delusion that H-1B is an immigration visa, when it’s not.

It’s a temporary guest worker program.

It has nothing to do with “immigration”.

“These are workers who may have spent at least a decade in America or more, working at top notch companies, pay taxes, got married, had children, bought a house. Are as involved in their community and school district as any other American”.

No they’re not. Most of them are industrial spies here to move jobs back to India, steal our trade secrets, and shove Americans onto the streets. If you are a temporary H-1B guest worker then you shouldn’t be buying houses, now should you?

No one ever guaranteed you any right to stay in the US permanently, and you came here knowing that.

“… scared of their life being uprooted if forced to go back to a country they left a long time ago. Worry how their children will cope if that happens. Agonize every night of what it means to be told that the wait for their Green Card is 100 years or more. Devastated by that thought. It debilitates their quality of life”.

Boo, hoo, hoo.

Perhaps Mr. Rajan should take a look at what all his job robbers are doing to Americans who were born here, who don’t have any other country to “go back to” when they are kicked out into the streets by India Incs to starve, or to die.

Rajan, shown above 3rd from left, is an illegal unregistered foreign agent of India working for economic terrorist group Immigration Voice, which hires lobbyists to get US pols like former congressman Kevin Yoder, shown center above, to manipulate immigration laws to India’s favor. – a racist, near-Nazi organization which steals jobs from Americans is as ‘swastika’ as it gets. In the US.

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