Why have Boeing’s Eric Lindblad + HCL’s CEO C Vijayakumar not been arrested for visa fraud?

Both the resigning head of Boeing’s 737 MAX program – Eric Lindblad + the CEO of HCL, C Vijayakumar should be arrested for visa fraud.

After all, they conspired to pay engineers on Boeing’s failed 737 MAX plane $9/hr while on H-1B visas in the US. That is 1/4th the prevailing wage and that is illegal.

Both colluded to fire American workers and hire foreign workers on H-1B visas well below the prevailing wage,

President Trump promised to end the H-1B program as a source of cheap labor.

So why hasn’t he done it?

And why haven’t these two corporate criminals been arrested and prosecuted.

Anyone who tells you H-1B is not about cheap labor is lying to you.


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