Most NYC power companies outsourced to India Incs

Like with the CA wildfires of a few years ago, which were caused when Pacific Gas + Electric outsourced much of its equipment deployment to India Incs, which failed to perform, now the chickens are coming home to roost in NYC which suffered massive blackouts today in Manhattan.

The two big power companies which run NY’s power grid – Consolidated Edison and National Grid had both outsourced to India Incs.

Con Edison had hired India Inc outsourcer Indecom for IT services.

In fact, National Grid sued India Inc failure shop Wipro last year and won $75 million in damages for a failed SAP implementation.

The US is falling apart – first Boeing 737 MAX + 787 disasters + massive losses, then the CA wildfires, now blackouts in NY.

You get what you pay for America.

Mr. Premji, it is now clear that it is India which does not have the talent.

India is known the world over for having unreliable electricity and now they have brought their crappy mentality to the US.

Should have stuck with your American engineers and this wouldn’t have happened.

But have it your way NY – because now you’re walking – with flashlights.

Outsourcing Helps Utilities Grow and Prosper

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