GOP House Members Shaft American College Graduates, Workers

“It was interesting that the socialist-controlled U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill last night that would open the floodgates of “high-skilled” immigration from India. But many GOP representatives voted in favor also. This bill deals mostly with professional and managerial-level positions.

I see a big problem here. Big money political donors want an expanded labor pool so that they can drive down Americans’ earnings. The most apparent impact is in the tech industry, but other spheres are affected also. Large numbers of American college students are encouraged to go into the STEM disciplines because it is represented that there is a huge need for workers in these fields. But then, they must compete with foreign nationals for the jobs that are available when they graduate.

The tech industry uses these imported workers– mostly from India and China– as an “overlord” class over American workers; and has also used them to replace American workers. In the most egregious cases, Americans have been forced to train their foreign replacements”.

Not just American grads are being affected – the Indian Mafia is stealing all of Silicon Valley.

The greatest theft in US, and possibly, world history.

IT overlord Sarvesh, shown left, above, went to Federal prison for 12 years for bribery + kickbacks in NY. The Indian Mafia now rules the US tech industry, + apparently the US House too.

Complete takeover + theft of Silicon Valley from the Americans who created it.

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