“Where The American Dream Goes To Die” – Zero Hedge

Oversupply of cheap foreign labor is preventing wages from rising naturally, as they should.

It’s also driving up the cost of housing unnaturally too.

The cause of the housing price crisis is not hard to figure out – too much housing demand, driven too quickly by large floods of foreign adult workers, drives housing prices through the roof. Housing cannot be built fast enough to keep up with the invasion flood of people.

That excess demand + housing supply shortage means soaring prices.

Even worse, those same armies of invading foreign workers are also driving wages down at the same time – due to oversupply of the labor force. Prices up, wages down. Disaster for everyone.

Natural birth rates + slow, natural growth of population does not cause these unnatural demand spikesonly unnatural sudden growth spikes do.

In its lust to grow the size of the US economy + add more consumers + cheap labor, corporate America and bankers are destroying the very fabric of the country. More and more people will become homeless if mass immigration is not stopped.

If corporate America’s illegal wage fixing is not stopped, and wages are not allowed to rise naturally, tens of millions of Americans will likely end up homeless.

It’s that simple.


How out-of-whack is the discrepancy in growth between incomes, rents, and house prices?

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