Zoe Lofgren, Legislating on Behalf of Foreign Nationals, Ignores Growing Homelessness in San Jose

Yes, that’s right – homelessness is being caused by American workers being driven from their jobs by hordes of India Inc foreign staffing companies.

It’s just about a foregone conclusion that US Congresspeople are taking $ from foreign powers in exchange for selling out the American worker.

Just whose gov’t is this?

We need a FULL investigation into Lofgren + other anti-American politicians to see exactly who is funding them.


“Despite much controversy surrounding HR 1044, debate was limited to 20 minutes, regular rules were suspended, and the final tally was 365–65, with Democrats voting 225 yea, eight nay; Republicans, 140 yea, 57 nay, with three abstaining, and positioned as a bipartisan success. Defenders of American jobs, pro-labor progressives and organizations that promote fair immigration, including U.S. Tech Workers, however, universally denounced the bill.

The misleadingly named Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act, which has been unsuccessfully kicking around Congress since 2011, has multiple negative ramifications. Worst among the bad is that HR 1044 rewards large corporations that employ foreign national H-1B workers to displace U.S. tech workers.

If per-country caps were eliminated, as HR 1044 proposes, Green Cards would go to foreign nationals from two main countries, India and China, at the expense of people from other countries, and would primarily benefit big tech, which lobbied for this. More tech immigration enriches the already wealthy Silicon Valley elites“.

What is unfair is that 95% of all US tech jobs already go to Indians, as this India Inc staffing company photo shows.

Even more unfair is that Americans worked to build Silicon Valley, but it has now been stolen by the armies of Indians + Chinese mentioned in the article. What we need is more fairness for American tech workers who have had their lives stolen out from under them by armies of invading temporary guest workers on H-1B and L-1 visas who never leave.

Paying foreign workers below the prevailing wage for tech jobs in the US is illegal under US law. But that is exactly what politicians such as Zoe Lofgren are doing to America.

The workers being brought into the US to work are not even skilled as claimed. They are mostly here to remit dollars, and for the prestige of the tech jobs they lust after.

There was no homelessness in America in 1998 – before the foreign worker invasion. But there sure is now, thanks to tens of millions of Americans being driven out of their jobs by India Inc staffing companies.

Foreign lobbies such as India’s NASSCOM are almost certainly paying off US politicians to sell out American tech workers.

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