Why are ‘temporary’ H-1B guest workers allowed to donate $ to congress members?

Americans have little say in their gov’t any more.

But millions of temporary guest workers in the US on H-1B visas can donate up to $5,600 per senator to our gov’t.

Why is this even allowed?

No foreign entity of any kind should be able to influence the US gov’t or its politicians in any way.

The US has no real gov’t any longer – except in terms of it being occupied + run like a business for profit by those who inhabit it.

Foreign worker donations to the gov’t must be stopped now.

This is little more than bribery and they are changing our immigration laws against our will.

And “bench pay” – foreign staffing companies paying H-1B workers while not on a proj is totally illegal under Federal law.

And check out some of the comments at the end.


“The bill to remove per country quota HR1044 has already passed in the house. The senate version, S386 has 35 cosponsors in the senate.

Even though Senator Paul Rand has raised an objection to passing the bill unanimously, the bill will eventually pass before the end of the year due to the sheer number of Senators and House members supporting it.

An individual including a H-1B employee can contribute $5,600 per senator for primary and general count elections and  senators to be sympathetic to the per country quota issue”.

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