‘Dot-com bust was the best thing that happened to us’ – IndiaMart

Well it should have been – since it was armies of the India Inc looting faking fraud H-1Bs who caused the so-called dot-com collapse in Silicon Valley.

Silicon valley was booming with American labor before these looters moved in.

Sun Microsystems, PeopleSoft, and a host of other valley companies were all destroyed after they were invaded by non-performing India Inc foreign H-1B workers.

You caused it, India.

Foreign guest workers didn’t keep the 1990’s booming American-run economy going as promised, and it collasped as a result in 2002.

Computer experts who “didn’t even have enough computers in India then“.

Faking frauds.

Why does America continue to hire non-performing armies of workers who do nothing but destroy American companies?

They also caused the 2008 Wall St. collapse and the destruction of Lehman. The “subprime” ruse was a coverup for the failures of India Inc staffing companies who bagged outsourcing contracts with Wall St. companies such as Lehman.

Sorry India, we all know you did it. You love to gloat, but you can’t hide the truth of your looting of America any longer.

Everything these people touch dies.

Armies of India Inc staffing companies didn’t keep the booming 90’s econ going as promsied. In fact, they destroyed many companies they contracted with, such as Lehman, CountryWide, Citibank, and others.

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