ISRO gets off to a flying start in its most complex mission ever, Chandrayaan-2

So that’s what all those vaunted “3000 H-1B Indian scientists and researchers in NASA” we keep hearing about were up to – not helping the US, but just stealing all our rocket tech.

India could not even get a rocket into space until 1998 – when the US allowed Loral + Hughes to buy their rocket tech from us.

Must be nice to have someone else foot the bill for all the R+D you now get to enjoy for free.

Perhaps such geniuses should learn how to write English first.

“India’s Geo-synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle MKIII-MI took off at 2.43 pm today in pursuit of its mission to become the fourth country to succeed in a moon landing. The previous attempt a week ago was called off an hour before launch on account of a technical snag. The lunar landing mission, Chandrayaan-2, is the most complex one attempt by Isro. It is a blend of three projects, the orbiter followed by the lander and eventually the rover which will be placed on the moon.

The scale of complexity can gauged by the fact that a technologically advanced nation, Israel, was unsuccessful in its first attempt at moon landing in April”.

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