Apple cuts ties with L&T Infotech following alleged immigration violations

L&T Infotech is just another Indian Mafia fake resume cheap labor bodyshop.

But Apple went ahead and hired them anyway to bring in cheap foreign faking tech workers.

But now Apple has cut ties with L&T Infotech after it was discovered they were doing immigration fraud + violations.

One more Indian Mafia “global staffing company” caught red-handed running Americans out of tech jobs in the companies they created.

Apple has been caught in the past violating H-1B laws, and in fact, numerous websites have exposed the ways in which Apple violates US hiring and labor laws.

So much for the hyped-up cry many H-1B Indians have said repeatedly that “No Indians ever commit even one single crime in the US ever“.

As this case shows, India Inc mafia bodyshops are commandeering US companies for their own use + acting as if they own the US, when in fact, they are temporary guests.

When will the US DOL come down hard on the mass immigration fraud in Silicon Valley?

‘BENGALURU: L&T Infotech (LTI) is being questioned by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for documentary discrepancy and procedural lapse related to one of its key customers – Apple. The development is said to have deeply soured the relationship between LTI and the iPhone maker.

LTI is alleged to have issued letters of invitation to some of its employees to work onsite on the Apple account, when the USCIS procedure required that the letters be issued by Apple“.

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