DOL Investigation Results in S. California Company Paying Employees $58,815 for H-1B Visa Program Violations

H-1B is a cheap labor program and nothing more.

Anyone telling you otherwise is lying.

U.S. Department of Labor issued the following announcement on July 17.

Login Consulting Services Inc. – a staffing and recruitment company based in El Segundo, California – has paid $58,815 to two employees after a U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division (WHD) investigation found violations of the H-1B foreign labor certification program.

WHD investigators found the employer illegally charged one employee for visa petition fees, which the law requires the employer to pay. The employer also “benched” that worker, a term used to describe when an employer fails to pay an H-1B employee when work is slow, for example. The investigation also found that the employer paid another employee less than the hourly rate guaranteed in the Labor Conditions Application they submitted when applying to the H-1B program, resulting in another violation”.

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