Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg Try to Sneak ‘Country Cap’ Prize from President Donald Trump – Breitbart

“Tech billionaires and Silicon Valley investors are trying to snatch a valuable prize from President Donald Trump’s hand before he can win pro-American immigration reforms in 2021.

The prize is the removal of “country caps” on the award of green cards to company-picked foreign workers — and it is likely worth tens of billions of dollars to investors. GOP Rep. Bob Goodlatte traded one part of the same country-cap card — green cards for 600,000 Indians — in 2018 to get about 30 additional votes from House legislators for his immigration reform plan, a Hill source told Breitbart News. The swap was reasonable because Goodlatte’s reform would have gained numerous benefits for American, including merit immigration, reduction in legal immigration, and the mandatory use of E-Verify. Still, Goodlatte’s bill was defeated, mainly because of hostility by then-Majority Leader Paul Ryan, a fervent advocate for a high-migration, low-wage economy”.

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