Wipro Says Americans Are Better Than Indians In Coding, 65% Of All New Hires Are From USA!

Criminal defamer Azim premji, and his failureshop Wipro sure are trying to cover their crimes.

Not only did Azim Premji go on MSNBC years ago criminally defaming US tech workers by saying “America does not have the talent”, but Wipro has been caught repeatedly causing mass failures in the US including destroying Lehman in the 2008 Wall St collapse, and being sued by National Grid for $75 mil for a disaster proj.

The failures of course, were fraud + were caused by 1000s of faking fraud H-1B IQ82 conmen from India, which Wipro illegally brought into the US on H-1B visas.

Massive failure everywhere.

Now Wipro is trying to cover up its crimes on the American people by claiming it hires 65% Americans in the US.

That, of course, is pure propaganda.

We can assure you that if you walk into any Wipro shop or their clients today in the US you will find 90% Indian workers.

If they are hiring Americans, they are Indian-Americans.

Premji + his criminal organization need to be barred from the US since they are RICO organized crime. Premji should be arrested for criminal defamation of American workers, as well as mass H-1B visa fraud.

Americans of course created Silicon Valley, long before these frauds arrived.

Even CIO magazine + NYT reported on how dumb Indian coders are years ago but that doesn’t stop dumb American execs from pilling onto the cheap labor conshop promises of India Incs.

You know the company is a fraud shop when they have been surpassed by $9/hr HCL/Boeing-failure Indian fraud engineers who just cost Boeing close to $50 million from the 737 MAX disasters.

Arrest Azim Premji now.

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