As Trump presses immigration crackdown, Santa Clara reconsiders sanctuary policy

The fact is scumbag Silicon valley companies have been illegally shielding millions of illegal H-1B workers for over 2 decades.

Now the pols + execs behind it are running scared. They all know they could go to prison for violating US immigration laws and EEOC rules.

We all know what this really means: Silicon Valley is terrified of ICE raiding their tech companies + India Inc staffing loot shops – all of whom are in violation of federal law.

“The slaying of a San Jose woman in her home, allegedly by an undocumented immigrant with prior arrests, has become a test of Santa Clara County’s sanctuary policy, throwing into question how far local leaders should go with such measures — and at what cost.

Politicians and local law enforcement officials — frustrated with a county policy that says police should not notify federal immigration authorities when an undocumented immigrant is released from jail — are pressuring county leadership to loosen these restrictions in order to apprehend violent criminals like the man accused of killing 59-year-old Bambi Larson in late February”.

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