H-1B Crackdown: Companies Must Prove Work Exists for Visa Holders

Imagine that.

No more faking idle “benched” looters sitting around in the US on H-1B fraud visas waiting like predators for Americans’ jobs to pounce on.

“Companies seeking H-1B visas for foreign-born workers must now prove there will be work for them for the entire duration of their stay stateside.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has reportedly begun asking companies about the type of work H-1B visa recipients will be doing, right down to vendor agreements and a list of projects a visa holder is expected to work on. These particular requests for evidence (RFEs) are leading the government to deny companies the standard three-year green-light for H-1B visas, instead limiting some visas to a two-year term.

Jennifer Minear of McCandlish Holton tells Bloomberg that RFEs “have become really standard with third-party placement situations and staffing companies,” which she calls “ridiculous enough,” adding: “How can any of us guarantee we’ll be doing work three years from now?”

Robert Cohen of Porter Wright Morris & Arthur says RFEs are “a waste of time and money and effort,” noting: “We still have a lot of cases pending that we haven’t received anything on.”

“One has to believe that they’re just issuing RFEs for the sake of RFEs,” Cohen adds”.

No, they’re issuing RFEs so armies of idle benched H-1B job robbers can’t just flood the US and wait to pounce on other peoples’ jobs. RFEs insure there is a real lack of workers, which right now, there isn’t.

Benching H-1Bs is a Federal crime. Under US law all H-1B workers must leave the US within 30 days of their job ending.

If you can’t prove there is real work Americans can’t do right now, or be trained to do in the near future, then you can’t bring in a million more job robbers a year.

Immigration law firms such as McCandlish Holton and Porter Wright, of course, make millions off of processing H-1B and L-1 visas for India Inc global loot shops such as Wipro, Tata, InfoSys, and Cognizant.

Too bad for the greedy scumbag lawyers who have been violating US immigration law for decades.

India Incs and looter law shops are going to have to find something else to do. We hear there are some tents available on Mulholland Dr. in Los Angeles currently. Might want to look them up.

Mr. Cohen, like Mr. Weinstein is just jealous he won’t be able to suppress wages any more by oversupplying the labor market illegally.

Find a new racket you criminals.

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