Homeless Surge Hits Oakland, Silicon Valley, San Francisco Suburbs – Breitbart

Looks like millions of foreign guest workers who invaded the bay area 20 years ago have not kept the economy going as promised.

Why does America continue to employ non-performers?

Foreign workers have caused a humanitarian disaster in CA and elsewhere in the US as they move in for remittances + industrial theft.

Millions of Americans are being thrown into the streets.

You can’t have organized immigration crime such as millions of illegal H-1Bs brought in by Wipro, Tata, TCS, InfoSys, Cognizant, and Accenture, and not have a massive homeless problems.

These RICO bodyshops need to be closed now.

When will US pols learn that immigration policy the only cause of US homelessness?

None of this even existed before the invasion began in 1998.


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