American dream dead for Indian techies – they’re looking elsewhere

Well, Silicon Valley is still 90% foreign occupied so they don’t appear to be going anywhere.

When the tech jobs in America created by Americans are given back to Americans and the tech geniuses from Asia who are now in a panic go back to their own countries and make their own Apple or Microsoft, then we’ll declare the American dream dead for “Indian techies”.

Until then, it’s business as usual in the H-1B human trafficking racket.

Right, Mr. Trump?

“Technology experts are turning their backs on Silicon Valley and choosing to explore opportunities at home and new markets overseas”.

If they were technology experts, the US would be booming + not be $22 trillion in debt, thanks to collapse of the tax base and billions in remittances out of the US by foreign workers.

Next check out the parasitic looting, scheming mentality:

“The returnees’ reabsorption in India was often difficult. A leaked government report recently revealed that India is faced with its highest unemployment rate since the 1970s. There had also been a profound change in the nature of the tech business, with cloud computing and other developments forcing Indian IT firms such as Infosys and Wipro to hire local staff much closer geographically to their projects in the US and elsewhere.

There is also the Japanese dream, promising about 200,000 jobs for Indian tech workers. Shigeki Maeda, executive vice president at Japan External Trade Organisation, has said this will swell to 800,000 by 2030. Green card and permanent residency status have already been eased for highly skilled professionals and Indians are encouraged to apply. There is no certainty they will and perhaps not in large numbers. But the offer indicates that India’s tech expertise has an outward-looking future once again.”

If India has such tech expertise then why does it have soaring unemployment?

And why not just make India work so its people won’t need jobs in other countries?

They can’t be all that ‘expert’.

The fact is once the parasite visas in other countries in foreign companies and jobs created by other peoples are cut off, Indians can’t stay employed.

Just more proof it was all a great big con from the very beginning.

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