‘They don’t like Canadians’: New border obstacle for high-skilled workers

Now here’s a new India Inc loot scam.

As soon as Indian mafia staffing agencies in the US heard of the H-1B crackdown under Trump they devised a new scheme: send their looter workers to Canada first, get them eastablished there, then claim they are “Canadians” in order to move them back into the US – where their real goal is to invade + loot out Silicon Valley and other US tech centers.

Of course the Indian mafia workers aren’t any more Canadian than your cat is.

Luckily the US isn’t falling for it and US border patrol is wise to the scam.

India Incs will use any scam they can to jam millions of their job robbers into the top best paying jobs in America.

Sorry looters, the jig is up. We know full well what you are up to.


“It’s just the latest change that appears to throw bureaucratic obstacles in the way of bringing high-skilled workers to the United States.

“Attorneys for those workers from north of the border say they are scrambling to make sense of the change, in the absence of a memo from the agency, and adjust their strategies for landing the transfer visas”.

They’re not highly skilled and it’s not bureaucracy. It’s called law enforcement.

If they were skilled, Americans would not be training them.

The whole thing is a massive fraud.

Here is the real reason the racist thieves are being ejected:

They sure are stealing Apple from Americans who created it.

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