India Ambassador Praises House for Outsourcing US Jobs to Indians – Breitbart

India has been remote-control manipulating the US for decades.

Just whose gov’t is this?

The real issue here is that the H-1B visa program was intended for the use of American companies, but is now being monopolized by Indian outsorucing companies to fly in millions of Indian workers to drive Americans out of jobs.

Why are foreign companies even allowed to use and manipulate the H-1B program at all?

India is using our visa programs in an attempt to take over the US.

H-1B was never, ever intended for mass immigration.

We need to end all the Indian Mafia lobbyists in the US such as Immigration Voice, USIN-PAC,, and others – all of which have ties to the gov’t of India and are doing illegal foreign lobbying under the FARA.

Sanjay Puri, right, an unregistered foreign agent and head of foreign lobby USIN-PAC, Indian Prime minister Modi, left.

The Indian Mafia on US soil is here to manipulate + control our gov’t.

“India’s government and companies are openly pushing for the U.S. Senate passage of a bipartisan “country caps” bill that would reward 100,000 Indian graduates per year with green cards if they take technology jobs in America”.

“The meeting at the Wilson Center in D.C. was arranged by NASSCOM, an Indian trade association, which includes many companies that use the H-1B visa program to place Indian software programmers in U.S. jobs. NASSCOM’s chairman, Keshav Murugesh, told the group at the Wilson Center:

The whole idea of these [executive] fly-ins, and NASSCOM coming in, and interacting with people on this side of the pond, is to make sure that we are continuously enabling the availability of skilled talent, and also working with the powers that be, and the government, to ensure that bad policy does not impact the great progress that we have made“.

At least four lobbyists were hired by NASSCOM members to push the House’s version of the green card outsourcing bill, which is also supported by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce“.

“Bad policy”, of course is NASSCOM‘s codeword for America trying to enforce its own immigration laws.

The US gov’t is under the control of India, not the American people.

We need to end all foreign lobbying now.

Yes you are.


Unbelievable that the House Republicans would vote 140 strong for this bill. Dan Crenshaw, Texas played at super patriot and within a few months of his first election went full globalist traitor.

49er4ever greg789 • Unbelievable Trump is going to sign the bill.

opto 49er4ever • The bill is in the senate and you’d better write, email send smoke signals whatever gets our message across. NO more immigration NO HOW, merit or otherwise……IF we really need them they stampede all over each other, BUT until ALL Americans are gainfully employed we don’t need ANY of them PERIOD.

    • Spock opto
      I remember our president promised the stapling of green cards to diplomas – I am afraid this is a done deal. Someone should have booed.H-1bs’pod-people …… a decades long insult that has destroyed the tech sector job-market for American job applicants.
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