Boeing Q2 Revenue Plunges, Missing By $5BN, $1BN Cash Burn

$5 billion is a lot of lost sales.

Consider this for a moment:

$5 billion is enough money to hire 33,333,333 US engineers @ $150/year each.

That’s 33.3 million engineers. Workers. All for what the India Inc mafia has cost Boeing.

The $9/hr Indian coder disaster from Boeing’s 737 MAX failures just won’t go away.

Revenue is down, stock is down, hundreds of millions paid out in lawsuits, and to victims’ families.

All to save a few dollars on engineers.

You get what you pay for Boeing. Or in this case you get way less than you pay for.

Enjoy your losses.

Boeing may not survive.

“With the storm clouds over the grounded 737 MAX gathering patiently for the past 5 months, it was only a matter of time before the torrential downpour arrived, which it did just before 730am, when Boeing reported shocking numbers, with Q2 EPS printing at a stunning loss of $5.82, far below the expected profit of $1.98 per share and last year’s profit of $3.33 with revenue plunging 35% Y/Y to $15.75BN, some $5 billion below the expected $20.45 billion“.

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