Jayakumar Kumar forgets whites have been in US 500+ years + built the modern world

A Y2K illegal visa overstayer who works a stolen job in Silicon Valley, doesn’t understand history.

First of all, white people have been in the US for 500+ years, built America, and the world, and all the industry in it, and built Silicon Valley, which he now illegally occupies.

Indians have only been in the US in large numbers for 20 years or so.

In fact, they move into companies all built by white Americans, such as Silicon Valley companies, take over, and kick the American workers out.

There’s a big difference between spending half a millenmium building the greatest country in history and walking in and taking it over after others build it.

Most grabbing Indians seem to think the entire world is theirs and they are entitled to just take whatever they want.

Has any other country or race on earth built something like Silicon Valley, Apple, or Microsoft?


Did “native Americans” have Apple + Microsoft and $150K/year jobs waiting for European settlers when they came to this “wowling wilderness” 500+ years ago?


India Inc looters all came to the US under false pretenses in 1998-2001 under the “Y2K” scam and were all supposed to be temporary and leave. Now they’ve moved in by the millions, looted America’s best tech companies, and have never left.

The Trump admin continues to ignore and do nothing about the theft of America’s most valuable industries.

An epic battle ensued on the net over this looter.

No, whites made $ by inventing every product in the world today while the rest of the world sat around and did nothing.

Racism? What does this clown think the Indian Mafia is doing in the US?

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