Missive from Mumbai: Why Are U.S. Immigration Agencies Attacking India and Hurting America?


You don’t know why.

They’re not hurting America. India and H-1B are hurting America.

It’s easy to understand: tens of millions of America’s most highly skilled workers kicked to the curb + run out of the companies they built.

Armies of faking fraud resume stealers + fake “global staffing agency” H-1B violators targetting Americans for removal.

Mass theft of US industry by India + China.

Industrial espionage + billions lost in remittances to H-1B “die for dollar” grabbers invading the US.

Takeover + theft of Silicon Valley from Americans who created it.

The list goes on and on……

These people really don’t understand the theft and damage they are doing to the US since in mainland Asia theft and scams are a way of life common.

Oven our old pal – immigration attorney Greg Siskind made an appearance.

“Panel after panel of speakers (all with many years of experience submitting approvable and ultimately approved cases for reputable companies) described how the visa doors have slammed almost completely shut for most Indian firms, entrepreneurs and employees who want to grow businesses or create or fill jobs in the United States”.

Why does India think the US is not allowed to enforce its own immigration laws. It’s illegal for foreign workers to even enter the US for work if American workers are harmed by their doing so.

If we’re going to have globalization and open borders, then India has to accept a million US skilled workers in India too.

These people are looting America.

“They asked why the standards for B-1, L-1 and H-1B visa eligibility had become so much more restrictive than in years past”.

This is why:

It’s called invasion and takeover.

“They wanted to know why U.S. consuls discounted as just so run-of-the-mill the extraordinary creativity and innovation of their IT professionals and businesses, even though the same talents are in high demand from American corporate customers”.

Indians have never created an Apple or Microsoft in America. But they sure have taken over those “brilliant companies” created by Americans.

“Indian angst over discriminatory U.S. immigration policies is neither apocryphal nor paranoid”.

Discriminatory? Look in the mirror, looters.

There is no more racist country on earth than India. Not to mention the above photo clearly shows India Inc staffing companies all violate US EEOC rules and the US Civil Rights Act.

“India has one of the hottest economies on the planet and we are slamming the door on entrepreneurs from those countries expanding operations in the US which very often result in hiring of US employees. Exactly the wrong policy for our times”.

Those “entrepreneurs” have destroyed countless US companies, cost Rolls Royce and Boeing over half a billion dollars each, caused the 2002 and 2008 US collapses thanks to incompetence, and have set up 1000s of “global staffing agencies” all across America to drive Americans out of their jobs and into the streets.

And they wonder why the “door is being slammed in their faces”?

India’s economy is only “hot” because of the billions in remittances H-1B job robbers send out of the US back to India every year. Due to the exchange rate, $100,000 in India is a king’s ransom.

“While technical talks have yet to start, U.S. immigration impositions on Indians persist”.

And Indian impositions and Y2K visa overstayers by the tens of millions have persisted in the US for 20+ years.

India shouldn’t have invaded the US, stole Silicon Valley from Americans, + driven 20 million Americans out of their jobs.

No country would allow this kind of invasion + theft. US has every right to enfroce its immigration laws, which India has violated with impunity for over 20 years.

India seems to be under the impression that the US has open borders, which it doesn’t. In fact the opposite is the case – the US actually has very restrictive immigration laws.

Federal immigration bureaucrats must first get rid of the Indians-unwelcome mat“.


Asians stole Silicon Valley from the Americans who created it.


“We’re all here for DOLLARS…..”

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