A letter about Wipro sent from a reader

A reader sent us this about organized crime wage-fixing H-1B failureshop Wipro:

“Here are some facts about Wipro but they pertain to entire IT industry in general. Several IT companies including Infosys, Genpact, IBM, NIIT Technologies, Bravura, Infogain, Iris Software and many more behave in similar fashion. Read on to know about this peculiar anti-employee business model of software industry: Wipro and many other companies harass their employees. Wipro provides corporate security services to other companies. This is a major business in Wipro. In this business, Wipro harasses its employees (mostly software engineers) whose previous company has raised a complaint against them. So these people are essentially tricked into joining Wipro by means of higher package or some other benefits in order to bait them into joining Wipro. Once they are inside Wipro, Wipro’s management harasses them and instructs their juniors too to harass them. Harassment comprises of passing threatening and insulting comments and stalking the victim on everyday basis. Management asks juniors to form teams and stalk the victim both in company campus and outside in public places while passing insulting and provocative comments wherever the victim goes. In extreme cases, Wipro’s corporate security team starts stalking their victim outside the company campus, in public places like malls, restaurants etc, while passing intimidating comments and threats. This all is done to intimidate the victim and make them docile. At the same time the company which has made the complaint (the previous company) starts extending an olive branch towards the victim after a few months, by showing friendly gestures, colleagues of previous company might give a phone call to victim, telling them that the company has vacany and they may join back. On the other hand, Wipro keeps harassing the victim until the victim quits. If the victim makes a written complaint against harassment with Wipro or previous company, Wipro might harass the victim further. Ideally, Wipro wants the victim to join the previous company back after being punished for a few months (six to seven months). And this service is not free. Wipro provides annual subscriptions of this service to other companies. *So essentially, Wipro makes profit out of harassing people.* So in Wipro either you are harassed or you harass other people. There is no other way. Wipro’s corporate security team will keep giving you mock drills, training you to harass other people. Imagine a low paying company which also expects you to make enemies by harassing other people. If years later, these people try to take revenge on you, will Wipro provide the protection. Here Wipro is used only as an example but many other companies including IBM, Iris Software and Infosys indulge in similar activities”.

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