Tight H-1B visa laws trigger commotion in the IT sector

The authors better learn a little US law because if Americans are harmed by H-1B workers, they are all illegal.

“Moreover, the US introduced a new amendment made effective in April that favours foreign workers with advanced US degree holders, leaving Indian workers at a disadvantage. However, the American employers have already begun realising the need for highly-skilled Indian talents, although some of the top-notch American employers expanded their H-1B visa workforce, unlike Indian firms. Statistics show that Indians account for over 70% of the total 85,000 H-1B visas that the US grants every year. While Indian IT companies with US operations hire these professionals, a majority of them are recruited by the US-based giants.

Spike in employee costs

The regulatory framework for H-1B visa that allows non-Americans to get employed by American IT companies has just got a lot tougher to qualify for Indian IT professionals. First of all, a foreign worker needs to have an advanced-level degree from a US-based university and institution only to become eligible for employment in the US. That’s a plus point for the American IT professionals as it will give them an upper hand over arch-rival Indian IT workers, but it’s the employers that have to bear with the burden of it”.

Arch rivals? Upper hand? Indian temporary non-immigrant guest workers were only supposed to be in the US for Y2K then go home when it ended in 2002.

Oh – and under Federal law, wages have to be allowed to rise as the market demands, not be manipulated or set. In fact, wage-fixing is a Federal crime under US law.

Looks like those “talents” better learn some correct English before they try to master IT.

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