Trump’s Racist Tweets: Try Gandhi’s Satyagraha

“She took offense and asked me “to go back to my country.” Needless to say I was shocked by her unfriendly response. I told her that it is a good idea and suggested further that all of us should seriously think of moving back to our respective countries. After all, the first generation or our parents and grandparents came from other countries. It is time we hand over the country back to native Indians to whom these lands belong”.

Except that the “native Indians” were savages slughtering each other in tribal wars for centuries before the white man came to America.

Did the “native Americans” have an Apple, Microsoft, $150K/year jobs, roads, powerplants, and airplanes waiting for the European settlers?


When Europeans landed over 500 years ago they found a “howling wilderness” full of savages and empty land going to waste.

Unlike Indians, who have only been in the US for 20+ years in large numbers, white people have been in America for 500+ years and built the modern world + everything in it.

This is white peoples’ country and has been for 500+ years.

That is a simple historical fact.

“At that time I had not read the now famous book, “People’s History of United States,” by Howard Zinn. The book clearly showed how Europeans were brutal towards the natives and decimated them. By one account there were 145 million in the Western Hemisphere and their number declined by 90%”.

Shouldn’t be reading propaganda. Instead read “Out of America: A Black Man Confronts Africa”.

The native Americans were brutal to each other + decimating each other for centuries before white people landed.

Today India is the most racist and violent nation on earth.

They hate white Americans but they sure love white American jobs, don’t they?

Articles such as this just go to show that modern India really hates Americans, white Americans in particular, and are here to take over and right perceived “social justice” wrongs, which never existed.

The author better go read the recent SCOTUS decision that said foreigners have no due process rights in the US.

H-1B and other guest workers are not citizens and have no rights in the US, other than basic human rights. They are here temporarily, and must leave when asked to.

If India had not invaded and stolen Silicon Valley and most US tech jobs created by Americans, they wouldn’t be facing “racist Tweets” today.

As for racism, well……….

Security guards stand near a burnt down reception block of Maruti Suzuki factory in Manesar, near New Delhi, India, Thursday, July 19, 2012. According to news reports, one person died and at least 40 people were injured in Wednesday’s labor unrest at the Manesar facility of India’s largest passenger car maker.

Such an unfriendly response.

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