Why are Indian IT companies 100% Indian workers?

Just look at that photo.

Zero diversity, 100% Indians. Totally racist + bigotted.


“While the US campus hires command over $70,000 (typically), we see a sharp wage inflation for modestly experienced local (US) resources, with professionals with three years’ of experience potentially commanding 25-30 per cent higher pay than when they started out. Thus, we are not sure that local onsite pyramid can be built out nearly as effectively as offshore (India-based) pyramid,” wrote Viju K George, analyst with JP Morgan”.

$70,000? That’s far below the prevailing wage for American engineers. It’s half what American engineers earned in the late 1990’s.

That means:

  • India Incs such as TCS are in violation of US H-1B and labor laws.
  • India Incs are brining H-1B workers to the US illegally (all H-1B hires must be paid the prevailing wage or higher).
  • Under US law, wages must be set by the market, and allowed to rise, if the market demands it. All wage-fixing is illegal under US law.
  • Most India Inc staffing companies are engaging in both H-1B visa fraud and illegal wage-fixing, which means they are organized crime.
  • Wages are being illegally supressed all over America by India Inc staffing agencies.

Trump, DHS, DOJ, DOL, EEOC continue to do nothing.

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