Trump Creating an Atmosphere Where Racist Wear Hoods in Broad Daylight – Terry McAuliffe

What does McAuliffe think the Indian Mafia has been doing all over America for 20 years?

No mention of that.

Not a peep.

But if Americans who had their jobs and industries stolen by the lazy 3rd world point that out, then it’s racist.

Can’t have it both ways McAuliffe.

Dig a little deeper and you’ll discover Mr. McAuliffe took one of those infamous junkets to India on a “trade mission”.

American pols in, American jobs out. Right, Mr. McAuliffe?

“Trade mission” today, of course, is codeword for taking suitcases of lobbying cash from the Indian Mafia and other foreign powers.

In fact, looks like India Inc PAC’s might be trying to place McAuliffe in office to do their bidding.

That’s foreign election tampering and is illegal under Federal law.

India is America’s greatest strategic partner: Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe

Yup. Looks like he’s been bought by the Indian Mob.

Is Mr. McAuliffe an unregistered foreign agent of the gov’t of India? Is he working for the Indian Mafia?

It sure looks that way.

We need a full investigation into McAuliffe to see where his finances are coming from and whether he took cash from India.

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