Green Card Giveaway to Tech Will Push Athletes, Nurses to Back of Line – Breitbart

Why does S.396 before the house give Indians special rights? The US Constitution guarantees equal protection under the law. EEOC rules and The Civil Rights Act guarantee equal opportunity under the law.

So why is S.396 written to give nearly all green cards to Indians?
Call Congress and stop this racist bill.

We are already losing 120,000 jobs a year to invading foreign workers.

The lobbying push by high-tech investors to get more green cards for their army of Indian contract workers has triggered protests from many immigrant groups that will lose quick access to green cards.

The growing pushback comes as Sen. Lindsey Graham is quietly readying an immigration bill for a Thursday vote in the Senate’s judiciary committee. Graham’s focus is asylum reforms, but he also supports the investors’ bill, titled S.368, or the “Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act.”

Many would-be immigrants will lose their places in line if the investors get their Indian contract workers to the head of the green card lines. The lines now hand out roughly 120,000 green cards each year to various researchers, athletes, entertainers, workers, and their families nominated by employers.

But roughly 700,000 Indians and Chinese technology workers and family members will move to the front of the green card lines because S.386 removes “country caps” rules. Those rules diversify the award of green cards by setting annual limits on the number of people from each country who can get green cards”.

… 700K US tech workers from India + China. That’s almost 1/5 of all the tech jobs in the US. On top of the 90% foreign occupied Silicon Valley jobs already.

This is total foreign takeover of US industries.

Finnegan Bullet2354

I’m in Computer Science as you put it and it used to be a great industry until it was gutted by Indian workers. I make pretty good money which means I and other American workers like me have a target on our backs because our employers will replace us with cheap, low-skill graduates from Indian diploma mills. Just like they did at Disney”.

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