H-1B Displaces U.S. Teachers, Drives Down Wages

Great article over at Progressives for Immigration Reform about how H-1B visa holders are now displacing US teachers.

Is 8-12 years really ‘temporary’?

“The H-1B visa that allows U.S. employers to temporarily employ foreign workers in specialty occupations typically is associated with tech industry use. But the visa can have more far-reaching applications as recent Capitol Hill actions showed. With the H-1B visas of 25 Baltimore teachers expiring, five Democratic members from the Maryland congressional delegation began to push for extensions.

The teachers’ H-1B history and the advocacy on their behalf to have them remain in the U.S. are familiar. They came to the U.S. years ago, 23 from the Philippines and two from Jamaica, as part of an effort to fill alleged job shortages in teaching slots for math, science and special education. According to a letter the Maryland teachers sent to then-Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, the teachers have been in the U.S. for between eight and 12 years, are dedicated and have now built lives in the U.S”.

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