Shringla puts into perspective importance of legal immigration – Sujeet Rajan

Sujeet Rajan of News India is at it again.

Never stopping with the reasons why the US needs to be flooded with more remittance-hungry Indians to rob jobs and throw Americans on the streets.

There’s nothing quite like your enemies telling you how you need to let more of them in to conquer you.

Sujeet Rajan is also associated with unregistered foreign agents Immigration Voice and their open borders H-1B agenda.

Why are foreign agents allowed to particpate in the US political process at all?

Just whose gov’t is this?

“He talked about how some of the major Indian IT companies have invested billions of dollars across many states in the US, contributed to the competitiveness of global operations of US companies, and supported hundreds of thousands of direct, indirect, and induced jobs here”.

Jobs for whom? Not for American workers. For more H-1Bs from India.

Sujeet Rajan of Immigration Voice and News India shown in the halls of Congress, 2nd from left, lobbying for HR392, which was defeated.

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