Are some of InfoSys’ new centers in the US just PR stunts?

One has to ask that question.

Since most people in America know by now that the India Inc staffing agencies are the prime cause of US unemployment and homelessness, the India Incs have gone into PR overdrive to try to show they are hiring American workers.

But are some of the new centers they are opening just PR stunts to convince pols that they are creating jobs for Americans?

In Rhode Island InfoSys mastermind Ravi Kumar, shown in the second photo on the page below, invited that state’s governor to tour its new staffing facility full of American workers and lots of nice shiny new Macs.

But is this the reality at all InfoSys buildings across America or are these just political stunts used to keep America’s border’s open?

The reality is, most IT shops in the US are still 90% Indian workers.

10,000 – or even 50,000 jobs may seem like a lot but it’s nothing comapred to the 40-50 million jobs America has lost to India + China in the past 20 years. 71% Indian-run IBM alone threw out 100,000 “older” workers for new, mostly foreign replacements.

Infosys, on a 10,000-job hiring sprint in the US, is 75% of the way there

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